Finally a Spotify shuffle that works!

Tired of Spotify's predictable shuffle playing the same songs on repeat? TrueShuffle for Spotify brings true randomness to your playlists. Simply connect your Spotify account and start enjoying your favorite tunes randomly.We don't store any of your Spotify data and will never modify your playlists!
Learn more about the connection to your Spotify account here.

Truly Random Shuffle

Say goodbye to the same songs Spotify played 3x already. TrueShuffle uses a truly random shuffle algorithm to ensure that every song on your playlist has an equal chance of being played.

Seamless Integration

With TrueShuffle, you can continue using the Spotify app and all its built-in features while enjoying a truly random shuffle. TrueShuffle uses Spotify Connect to connect to any device, so you don't have to switch between apps.

Ready in seconds

TrueShuffle is easy to use and takes only a few seconds to set up. Simply log in with your Spotify account, choose a playlist, and let TrueShuffle do the rest.

"Not Recently Played" Mode

With TrueShuffle's "Not Recently Played" mode, TrueShuffle will play songs that have been recently played less frequently, ensuring you don't hear the same songs over and over again.


TrueShuffle doesn't collect your spotify data - and all communication is done directly with Spotify's servers, ensuring your data is safe and secure.

Fully open-source

TrueShuffle is open-source on GitHub, which means you can inspect the code and even contribute to its development. Join our community of developers and music lovers and help us make TrueShuffle even better.